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All we need in life is love… and a little chocolate! It may be hard to believe but before I went to Uni, I was not overly fussed about sweet treats and very rarely had the urge to bake; chocolate did not have a hold over me and sweets were 100% not my cup of tea. Put a savoury snack or a cheese board in front of me, now that is a different story! But since University and most probably travelling, my sweet tooth has developed into this uncontrollable demon on my shoulder encouraging me to indulge – constantly!

I like bitesize sweet treats that are simple to make, keep for some time, can be easily transported and are just totally moreish . Tray bakes like brownies, cookies, blondies, rocky roads etc tick all the boxes for me and are definitely my go to’s. They are also great for those who enjoy tweaking recipes and being inventive.

This recipe is an adaptation on Olive Magazine’s Salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road. I loved this recipe as it was, but wanted to add a pop of colour and extra texture so I added pistachio’s into the mix too. I also love the bitterness of dark chocolate so instead of plain, I used a good quality dark chocolate with high percentage of cacao. (I also doubled the recipe, as I made two batches: one for home and one for work).


200g dark chocolate

200g milk chocolate

50g softened butter

1 tbsp golden syrup

150g salted peanuts and pistachios, chopped

100g marshmallows

100g honeycomb (I used 2 x Crunchie bars), chopped


Break all the chocolate into small squares. Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and melt together the chocolate, butter and syrup, stirring occasionally.

Once melted, stir in the chopped nuts, marshmallow and honeycomb. Stir until nearly all combined.

Line a 22cm square baking tin with a double later of clingfilm.

Pour in the chocolate mixture and level out.

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or ideally overnight. When ready to serve, take out of the fridge for at least 20 minutes before cutting into squares. If you were to take out of the fridge and cut immediately, the chocolate would snap and you will not achieve even squares.


Emily x

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